StyleNanda Addiction

Addicted to Nanda Girls.

I do not take any credit.

areulivingthelife asked: "Hey what's happened u haven't posted in ages?! :("

Sorry, but I won’t be posting anymore. I DONT WANT TO DELETE THIS BLOG, so I will leave it.

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lilyotters asked: "Hey are most of the clothes that the models are wearing from Stylenanda, or are they their own? They all look so cool! :D"

It’s clothes from stylenanda shop :)

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Anonymous asked: "hai ^-^ i was wondering is there a way i can apply as a stylenanda model?"

Hi^^ If you know Korean and you’re in Korea rn then on nanda’s kr. page you can find info about modeling. Maybe go to the shop and ask around there. Or the easier way would be - write them a message on facebook (korean or english one (or both)) :)

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futurebychris asked: "I read your questions about a global model.. they actually do have a new one really recently (like a month ago), who modeled quite a few things on their online store! Do you have any idea who she is? x"

Yeah I saw her, but I really don’t know who she is :)

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Anonymous asked: "Do You Know Hye Ri's full name?"

Sadly no :)

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